Old news. That’s all you can read on Forgotten Finds. But that’s the point.

This website was created with one simple purpose in mind – to reach into the depths of the past, snatch up the most interesting, lesser-known bits and heave them into the 21st century. In just the past few thousand years, an unlimited supply of incredible events took place, driven by an unlimited supply of incredible people.

And how much of it all are we taught about? Caesar, the Black Plague and the Industrial Revolution, quickly followed by Lincoln and a couple of World Wars. Throw in the Roaring Twenties/ Swinging Sixties/ other curiously named decade of your choice and you might think you’ve got the past all wrapped up. This website sincerely hopes to prove you wrong.


My name is Andrew Shaw and I created Forgotten Finds in the summer of 2016.

I am a freelance journalist and have written for the Manchester Evening News, the Liverpool Echo, the HuffPost and The National Student.

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